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roland vk-7

Roland VK-7 Organ Keyboard. Great solid build organ with drawbars. Manual adjustment and presets available. Good range of onboard sounds. Great for live or studio. With road case. Excellent condition. $1,150-

korg x5d-synth

Korg Kronos 2 - 61 Synth Keyboard. Contemporary synth workstation. Powerful pro keyboard with touch screen. Great for live or the studio. In excellent condition. With hard case. $2,695-

korg radias-synth

Korg Radias 50 Synth Keyboard. Adjustable tilt up synth and keyboard combination. Comprehensive synth sound control. With original factory alloy frame keyboard stand. Good condition. $995-

farfisa super-bravo

Farfisa Super Bravo Organ Keyboard. Classic Italian organ. This sounds great and is in good working condition. Rare and hard to find. $450-

roland a-49

Roland VK1000 Rhodes Keyboard. Electric piano keyboard with multiple sound sets and assignable draw bars. With road case. $850-

korg kronos-synth

Korg X5-D Synth Keyboard. Compact synth with Ai2 sound engine. Great range of sounds. Good condition. $495-

artesia pa-88%2B

Artesia PA-88H Piano. Electric piano with weighted hammer action keyboard. Onboard speakers. Multi sound selection. Ideal piano to learn on at home. NEW $595-

hemingway hk240

Hemingway HK240 Electric Piano Keyboard. Good learner keyboard with muiltple sounds. Onboard speakers and USB output. Popular. NEW $295-

yamaha shs-10

Yamaha SHS-10R Keytar. Funky wearable keyboard. Onboard sounds and MIDI output. Good condition. Hard to find. $375-

yamaha shs-10

Roland A49 Controller. Compact 49 key controller with USB and MIDI. Excellent quality. NEW $275-

korg x5d-synth

Casio AZ-1 Controller Keytar. Midi controller. Sling it on with guitar strap and do some moves. Classic hard to find model. $995-

korg x5d-synth

Korg Micro-Korg XL. Compact synth keyboard with vocoder and microphone with adjustable goose neck. Good condition. $595-

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