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Effect Pedals

zoom g1

Zoom G1. Dual pedal multi effects. With drum beats and good range of sounds. $95-

marshall gv2-guvnor-pus.JPG

Marshall GV-2 Guvnor Plus. Classic overdrive pedal. Marshall amp in a pedal. $120-

fender santa ana

Fender Santa Ana Overdrive. New series dual switch overdrive from Fender. $245-

tech21 q strip

Tech-21 Q Strip USA. Hi Quality channel strip EQ pedal. Another great Tech-21 product. $495-

Providence Stampede OD

Providence Stampede OD. Overdrive pedal. $265-

nobels odr-1

Nobels ODR-1 Natural Overdrive. Another very popular green overdrive pedal. A favourite in Nashville. $160- SOLD

swamp thang tremolo

Swamp Thang Tremolo USA. Classic valve amp style tremolo in a pedal. $275- SOLD

burns buzzaround

Burns Buzzaround. Rare reissue of the original Baldwin Burns of London fuzz. $695-

boss ce5

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble. Rich sounding chorus with filter control. $165-

dark glass microtubes

Dark Glass. MicroTubes X Ultra. Finland. Bass preamp, eq and distortion pedal. $575-

Outlaw Five oclock Fuzz

Dark Glass. Microtubes bass overdrive. $260- 

Wampler Euphoria

Wampler Euphoria. USA. Switchable dynamic overdrive $195-

Hotone Omni AC

Hotone Omni AC. Acoustic simulator for acoustic and electric guitars. $120-

ehx bad stone

Electro Harmonix Bad Stone Phase Shifter. Compact phaser pedal based on the 1970’s Bad Stone with six stages of phase shifting. $120-

balls oscillationist-tremolo

Balls Effects Oscillationist Tremolo USA. Phase shift circuit tremolo. $160-

line6 floor-pod

Line 6 Floor Pod. Guitar multi effects with controller pedal. $225-

mxr custom variphase

MXR Custom Shop CSP-001 Veriphase pedal. Wah type dynamic phase pedal. $225-

caline snake reverb

Caline Snake Bite Reverb. Dynamic reverb pedal with a wide range of control over room simulations. $80- SOLD

foxgear echosex-baby

Foxgear Echosex Baby. Tape simulation delay pedal. $180- SOLD

Zoom A3

Zoom A3 Acoustic Effects. An acoustic remodelling pedal with multiple settings $175-

boss rc-30

Boss RC-30 Loop Station. Dual pedal looper. Two track control. $225- SOLD

zoom 505

Zoom 505. Compact dual pedal mutli effects. Great value. $90-

mxr bass-fuzz-deluxe

MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe. Bass fuzz with dry/ wet control. Keeps bass tone intact. $160-

Danelectro The Breakdown

Danelectro The Breakdown. Reissiue of the classic over drive pedal. $150- SOLD

Fender Level Set Buffer

Fender Level Set Buffer. High quality adjustable signal buffer pedal. $80-

boss super-octave-oc3

Boss Super Octave OC-3. Octave shift pedal, second generation series. $150- SOLD

ehx magnum-44-amp

Electro Harmonix Magnum 44 Power Amp. Compact 44 watt micro amplifier. $250-

boss noise-suppressor-ns1

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor. Get rid of background noise on your pedal board. $120-


One Control. Dyna Red Distortion. Very flexible distortion pedal. $250- SOLD

boss cs2-compressor-sustainer

Boss CS-2 Compression Sustainer. Famous compression pedal with variable sustain. $150-

aguilar octamizer

Aguilar Octamizer. Octave shift pedal. With octave level, filter sweep and clean level contol. $260- 

eventide time factor

Eventide Time Factor. Multi delay pedal. Three switch with Tap Tempo. $595-

Boss FD01 Reverb Pedal

Boss FDR01 Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Amp. Fender / Boss amp reverb simulation pedal. $275-

boos octave-5

Boss Octave OC-5. Current model, third generation octave shift pedal. Great tracking. $190- SOLD

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