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Effects Pedals

tc quintessence

TC Electronic Quintessence. Multi harmony pedal. $165-

tc mm10

TC Electronic MM10 Mini Doubler. Slap back doubling delay. $145-

sonic6effects fuzz

Sonic VI Effects Champion Fuzz Unit. Based on classic 60’s fuzz pedal. $295-

voxtonelab st

Vox Tonelab ST. Guitar multi effects with modulation pedal. $195-

mi audio-crunchbox

Providence Stampede OD. Overdrive pedal. $265-


Passac EC-1 Acoustic Equalizer. Aussie made classic acoustic preamp. $95-

vox wah

Vox V847 Wah. Classic wah pedal with chrome finish. $115- SOLD

tc alter-ego

TC Electronic Alter Ego. Multi delay pedal with vintage delay settings. $295- 

mooer buffer

Mooer Micro Buffer. Mini signal buffer pedal. $60-

strymon mobius-modulation

Strymon Mobius. High quality multi modulation pedal. $625-

strymon timeline-delay

Strymon Time Line. Very popular hign end multi delay pedal. $625-

fender buffer

Fender Level Set Buffer. Signal buffer pedal with level and EQ control. $90- 

fpedals distortion

F Pedals Distortion. Mini distortion with switcable modes. $120-

frostwave resonator

Frostwave The Resonator. Aussie made classic resonance filter. Hard to find. Awsome. $450-

vox delatlab

Vox Delay Lab. Multi delay pedal with looper. $290-

mojohandfx elgupao

Mojo Hand FX El Guapo. Overdrive pedal. $180-

ibanez compressor

Ibanez CP835 Compressor Series 2. Classic Ibanez compressor. Rare. $250-

eh polyphase

Electro Harmonx Stereo Polyphase. Flexible phaser pedal with expression input. $295-

dod ab-box

DOD 270 A-B Box. AB switching pedal. $50-


Screamin FX Clarionix. Signal buffer pedal. $95-

maxone distortion

Maxtone Distortion. Early model Japanese Maxtone distortion pedal. $130-

proel volume

Pro El GF14. Stereo volume pedal. $50-

eh deluxe-memoryman

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man. Delay pedal. $350-

boss super-overdrive

Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive. $120-

eh key9

Electro Harmonix Key 9. Electric piano simulator pedal. $380-

eh b9

Electro Harmonix B9. Organ simulation pedal. $380-

boss fv50-h

Boss FV-50 H. Stereo volume pedal. $60- SOLD

digitech harmonyman

Digitech Harmony Man. Multi harmony pedal. $190-

crybaby mini

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mini. Compact wah pedal. $120-

buzzaround fuzz

Burns Buzzaround Fuzz. Classic rare fuzz pedal. $695-

boss ds1x

Boss DS-1X Distortion. X series distortion pedal. $180-

boss bass-comp

Boss BC-1X Bass Comp. X series bass compressor pedal. $225-

art tube-mp

Zoom 504 Multi Effects Pedal. Compact dual pedal acoustic guitar effects. $95-

amt volume

AMT LLM-2 Little Mouth. Mini volume pedal. $125-

tc quintessence

Zoom 505 Series 2 Silver. Compact dual pedal guitar multi effects. $95-

tc quintessence

Zoom 505 Series 2 Black. Compact dual pedal guitar effects. $95-

tc quintessence

Line 6 Pod. Classic guitar multi effects unit. Very popular. With Line 6 Floor Board controller. $295-

tc quintessence

Line 6 Pod Floor Board. Pedal board included with Pod effects unit.

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