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fender telecaster-mex-lefty

Fender Telecaster Mexican Standard. Left Handed. Telecaster in black gloss finish with maple fingerboard. Excellent condition. $850-

epiphone casino-left-handed

Epiphone Casino. Left Handed. Dog Ear P-90T single coil humbucker pickups. Vintage style machine heads. Excellent condition. With gig bag carry case. $950-

yamaha rgz-312

Yamaha RGZ 312. Full Yamaha locking tremolo setup. Plays fast. Reflective mirror scratch plate. In excellent condition. $550- SOLD

Eastwood 59-3p

Eastwood 59-3p Ripley Custom. Airline series reissue. With switchable active boost preamp. Excellent condition. $1,695-

epiphone emperor-archtop

Epiphone Emperor. Early Japanese archtop model. Dual humbucking pickups. Flying trapeze tailpiece. Great tone. $2,795-

tokai goldstar-gs-100

Tokai Goldstar GS100 Stratocaster. Tokai Japan MK3 pickups. Wilkinson Gotoh tremolo bridge. Alder body. Canadian maple neck. Excellent condition. $850- SOLD

g & l legacy strat

G & L Legacy Series Stratocaster. Beautiful guitar in sparkle blue finish. Excellent condition. Plays great. With factory hard case. $1,850-

fender telecaster-mex

Kononkyheen Telecaster Russian. Unusual Tele guitar with three pickups. Plays well. With gig bag. $750-

fender telecaster usa 2021

Fender Telecaster USA 2021. Maple fingerboard. With neck Humbucker. As new condition. With gig bag. $2,295-

Charvel San Dimas

Charvel San Dimas Signature. Mexican. Full locking tremolo system. Dual EMG pickups. In excellent condition. With hard case. $1,495-

epiphone lp-gold-top-bigsby

Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top Standard 2011. Genuine Bigsby tremolo fitted when purchased new. Plays great. With hard case. $995- SOLD

essex lap steel

Essex Lap Steel. Gloss black finish with single pickup. Volume and tone controls. Simple setup that works for slide. Great budget lap steel. With gig bag. $265- NEW

ibanez asx-32

Ibanez ASX-32 Korean 2003. Unusual model from Ibanez. SG style solid body. Plays great with Seymour Duncan pickups. With hard case. $850-

essex ves57b strat

Essex Stratocaster VES57B Vintage Black. Affordable Strat copy. Good for a beginner. $270- NEW

guyatone slide-guitar

Guyatone HG-86 Lapsteel Guitar. Early Japanese. Classic Guyatone lapsteel slide guitar. All original. Good condition. Sounds great. $950-

fender telecaster-mex-tsb-lefty

Fender Telecaster Mexican. Left Handed. Tobacco sunburst with maple fingerboard. Great condition. With hard case. $895-

miruzzi strat

Rick Miruzzi Stratocaster Australian. Hand made guitar by Miruzzi. Bartolini humbucking pickups. Plays well. With gig bag. $1795-

hagstrom swede 2007

Hagstrom Swede. 2007 Reissue LP style guitar. P60 pickups. In excellent condition. $1,350-

epiphone sg left hand

Epiphone SG. Left handed. Cheery finish. In as new condition. With gig bag. $795-

fender telecaster 2020 usa

Fender Telecaster USA 2020. V Series. Good condition with hard case $2995-

no name-strat-djr

Custom Parts Caster. 2005 Mexican body. Fender licensed compound radius neck. All setup. Plays and sounds great. With case. $950- SOLD

fender telecaster-usa-custom-shop-lefty

Fender Telecaster Custom Shop Vintage Reissue USA. 2017 Model. Left handed tobacco sunburst with rosewood fingerboard. Roadworn series with stressed finish. With Fender hard case and factory paperwork. $2,895-

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