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Electric Guitars

cort les-paul

Airline Swingmaster K592 USA 1963. Beautiful classic American 60’s archtop guitar in excellent original condition. Sounds and plays great. With hard case. $2,350-

custom tele-12-string

Reverend PA-1 Korean. Archtop with Bigsby, good condition with hard case. $1,750-

custom workshop-guitars

Peavey Generation EXP Korean. Fitted with switchable factory acoustic saddle pickup. Excellent condition with hard case. $795-

epiphone explorer-black

Robert Miruzzi Stratocaster Australian. Hand made in Australia by Robert Miruzzi. Fitted with Bartolini humbucking pickups with push pull control pots.Versitile guitar. With gig bag. $1795-

epiphone explorer-korina

Cimar By Ibanez Stratocaster. Korean. Plays well. With gig bag. $450-


Greco Super Sound Stratocaster Japan 1980. Excellent original condition. Quality finish with excellent wood grain figure on body. With gig bag. $1,195-

fender strat-62-reissue

Epiphone Melody Maker USA 1964. Early original classic American Epiphone. Very rare guitar. Has an updated quality one piece bridge to make it a players guitar. All original apart from bridge. Plays and sounds fantastic. With case. $3,495-

greco super-sound-strat

Fender Stratocaster USA 62 Reissue 1997. Great playing Sunburst Strat in excellent condition. With factory hard case. $2,395-

ibanez artist-1977

Fender Stratocaster USA Standard 2008. Warm silver finish. In imaculate as new condition. Hardly played since new. With hard case. $2,495-

mastersound jazzmaster

Aria FA 700 Archtop 1989 Korea. Deep body archtop jazz style guitar. Warm tone, plays very well. With hard case. $1,295-

peavey generation-exp

Epiphone Explorer 2009. Excellent condition with factory hard case. $995-

reverend pa-1

Amena Les Paul copy. Korean guitar, solid and well made, plays great. With gig bag. $495-

squier strat-korean

Gibson Howard Roberts Archtop USA 2005. Beautiful archtop signature series guitar in excellent condition. All original with hard case. $3,995-

stripe strat

Custom Telecaster 12 String. USA Warmoth 12 string neck fitted to Telecaster body with Seymour Duncan pickups. Wlikinson saddle. Duesenburg machine heads. Great value. $995-

tokai strat-japan

Cort CL1000 Korean 1991. Well made Les Paul style guitar. Great highly figured finish on body. With gig bag. $595-

tokai strat-japan

Epiphone Sorento Archtop 1962 Reissue. Very rare model. Number 1137 of 1962 made. In excellent condition. With hard case. $1,250-

reverend pa-1

Squier Strat Affinity. In good condition. Great first guitar to learn on.With gig bag. $240-

r miruzzi-strat

Squier Stratocaster Mini. Smaller size Strat for young players to learn on. With gig bag. $175-

squier strat-junior

Squier Strat Affinity Small Body. Ideal for the young learner. With gig bag $195-

squier strat-crackle-finish

EVH Wolfgang Special. Korean. Van Halen model in Satin Red. Floyd Rose trem with detune saddle setup. Plays very well. $1,595-

squier strat-blue

Custom Zebra Wood Strat. Gloss finish over highly figured wood grain. With EMG pickups. With gig bag. $895-

snake guitar

Stirling Snake Custom Guitar. Unusual Snake shaped guitar with gold scale finish. Plays supprisingly well. With gig bag. $595-

schecter stilletto-classic

Schecter Stilletto Classic. With EMG pickups. Plays very well. In excellent condition. With hard case. $995-

samick mb14db-strat

Greg Bennett Strat. MB14DB. With gig bag. $250-

reflex stratocaster

Reflex Pro Series Strat. Good instrument for learner. With gig bag. Great value. $170- 

prs john-meyer

Paul Reed Smith Silver Sky John Meyer Signature Series. Black with signature silver cutaway. Mint as new condition. With factory case. $3,495-

padover stratocaster

Padova Stratocaster. Good for first guitar or learner. With gig bag. $160-

monterey usb-strat

Monterey Stratocaster USB Fretlight guitar. $350-

monterey stratocaster

Monterey Stratocaster. Good condition. Budget guitar suit learner. $190-

l%26d 7-string

L & D Luthiers 7 String. Super Strat style. Seven string for more bottom end. Plays very well. $250-

jefferson telecaster

Jefferson Custom Guitars Telecaster. Cutom made Tele copy. Good pickups and neck. Plays well. With gig bag. $350-

ibanez gsa-60

Ibanez GSA60. Super Strat style. Humbucker in bridge. Good condition. With gig bag. $290-

ibanez grx-20

Ibanez GRX20. In good condition with dual Humbucker pickups. With gig bag. $250-

gibson les-paul-studio

Gibson Les Paul Studio Left Handed. Black gloss finish in good condition. Plays great. With hard case. $1,250-

fender telecaster-usa-1977

Fender Telecaster USA 1977. Classic Tele from the 70’s. All original parts. Body was refinished by Frank Grubisa some years back. Plays great. With hard case. $4,850-

fender stratocaster-usa-eric-clapton

Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton Signature Series USA.  In as new condition. Excellent example of the Clapton Strat. With hard case. $2,895-

essex strat-junior-series

Essex Stratocaster Junior Series. Small body Strat copy. Great to learn on. Compact body size short scale. $160-

epiphone les-paul-special-junior

Epiphone Les Paul Special. Small body short scale guitar for young learners. Great starter or travel guitar. $150-

emperador stratocaster

Emperador Stratocaster. Japan. Plays great. With gig bag. $450-

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