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Classical Gtrs, Banjos, Mandos, Ukes

valencia vc304-asb

Valencia VC 304 ASB Classical. Tobacco Sunburst finish. Budget classical we get in for beginners. Good value. NEW $159-

valencia vc-350

Valencia VC350 Traveller Classical. Small body compact classic guitar. Ideal for travelling or second guitar. Great value. NEW $195-

tayste tug-20c

Tayste TUG 20c Classical. Compact classical guitar. Plays great. $190-

onyx project-series-%20classical

Onyx Project Series Classical. Sweet tone, good learner instrument. With hard case. $260-

greco 1169-classical

Greco 1169 Classical. Korea. Early model classical guitar. In resasonable condition for age. Plays well. With gig bag. $250-

esteve classical

Esteve 4 ST Classical. Spain. Excellent condition Spanish made classical guitar. Great tone. With hard case. $495-

crafter ht24-nt

Crafter HT24NT. Small body acoustic with gig bag. $295-

cordba flamenco

Cordoba F10 Flamenco. Well made solid top Flamenco guitar with bright punchy sound. Excellent condition. With hard case. $1,395-

fender fm-101-mandolin

Fender FM101 Mandolin. Good condition affordable mandolin, suit beginner. With hard case. $290- SOLD

bryden 5-string-banjo

Bryden SBJ640 Five String Banjo. This is a great model to get started on. Very popular and well setup. NEW $329-

martinez mandolin

Martinez MM-10E Flatback Mandolin. Good instrument for learner. With factory pickup. With gig bag. $175-

bruko tenor-uke

Bruko Baritone Ukulele. Made in Germany. Good value. $130-

kala 15t

Kala KA-T Tenor Ukulele. Mahogany. Great sounding Uke for the money. NEW $160-

kala baritone-uke

Kala KA-B Baritone Ukulele. Mahogany. NEW $180-

makala mkc

Makala MK-C Concert Ukulele. Satin Agathis. This Concert Uke is our most popular model. Its sounds great. Excellent value. NEW $110-

mahalo mh2-vna

Mahalo MH2NA Concert Ukulele. Best value budget Uke. With bag. $95-

ukadelic cherrybomb

Kala Ukadelic Cherry Bomb Soprano Uke. Bright coloured Uke with carry bag. $49-

ukadelic frostbite

Kala Ukadelic Frostbite Soprano Uke. Bright coloured Uke with carry bag. $49-

ukadelic grasshopper

Kala Ukadelic Grasshopper Soprano Uke. Bright coloured Uke with carry bag. $49-

ukadelic marmalade

Kala Ukadelic Marmalade Soprano Uke. Bright coloured Uke with carry bag. $49-

ukadelic dragonfruit

Kala Ukadelic Dragon Fruit Soprano Uke. Bright coloured Uke with carry bag. $49-

ukadelic razdaz

Kala Ukadelic Razdaz Soprano Uke. Bright coloured Uke with carry bag. $49-

ukadelic tiedye

Kala Ukadelic Tie Dye Soprano Uke. Funky coloured Uke with carry bag. $49-

ukadelic sunset

Kala Ukadelic Sun Set Soprano Uke. Funky coloured Uke with carry bag. $49-

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