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mesa stiletto

Mesa Engineering Stiletto Ace USA. Valve amp combo 50 watt. 2 x EL34, 5 12AX7 valves. Great sounding amp. Excellent condition. $2,195-

fender twin-reverb-amp

SWR Goliath Series Three Bass Cab. 4 x10 speakers with horn. 700 watts. Good condition. $450-

fishman loudbox-mini-amp

Fishman Loud Box Mini Acoustic Amp. Compact acoustic guitar amp with bluetooth. Takes guitar and vocals. Great for small PA. NEW $649-

fender 10g

Fender Frontman 10G Amp. Little practise amp with switchable overdrive. Headphone output. $75-

marshall master-lead-combo

Marshall Master 5010 Lead Combo. 1X12 inch speaker, 30 watt solid state guitar amp. $390-

yamaha msr-400-monitor

Yamaha MSR 400 Powered Monitor. 15 Inch speaker with horn. Use for PA or foldback monitor wedge. Great condition. $395- 

korg mma-130-monitor

Korg MMA 130. Powered monitor with onboard mixer. Ideal for keyboards or small PA. Monitor wedge or fit to speaker stand. $350-

laney 12-cab

Laney 12 Speaker Cabinet. Loaded with WGS 30 watt 12 inch speaker 8 ohms. Ideal extension cabinet for guitar amp. $275-

hughes%26kettner amp

Hughes & Kettner Blues Edition 60R. 1 x12 solid state 60 watt combo with reverb and channel switching. $395-

hiwatt g15

Hi Watt G15 Amp. Small 15 watt practise amp with headphone output. $120-

jbl eon-monitor

JBL EON Power 10 Monitor USA. Powered 10 inch monitor suit PA, foldback wedge or keyboard amp. Has speaker pole mount. $295-

fender pro-reverb-amp

Fender Pro Reverb Amp USA. 2001 valve amp 50watts, with channel foot switch. With factory Jensen C12K. Rare, only made for two years. $1,295-

dv mark-frank%20gambale

DV Mark Frank Gambale Signature 112 Amp. 80 watt solidstate preamp with valve drive section, reverb. 1 x12  DV Mark custom speaker. $995-

ashton ga80-amp

Ashton GA80 Amp. 80 watt combo with channel switching. Good value. $290-

marshall b65

Marshall Bass State B65 Amp. 65 watt bass amp combo with 1 x 12 speaker. With EQ tone control. 295-

park g10r

Park G10 R Amp. Practise amp with reverb. Headphone output. $120-

monterey ma15-tn-amp.JPG

Monterey MA15TN Acoustic Amp. Dual inputs for guitar and vocals. Bargain $100-

marshall mg15hcfx

Marshall MG15 HCFX- MS. 15 watt mini amp stack. Head and two 10 inch cabs. Stack them up. Amp head has multi effects and reverb. Mint. $695-

marshall jcm-2000

Fender Hot Rod De Ville. 4 x 10 inch valve amp combo. Three channels foot switchable. With reverb. Great Condition. $850-

soldano jet-city-100

Soldano Jet City 100. Dual channel valve amp head 100 watts. Excellent condition. $795-

vox av15

Vox AV15G Amp. Valve preamp with multi amp voicings and onboard effects. $275-

traynor k4-keymaster-amp

Traynor K4 Keymaster. 300 watt 1 x 12 inch speaker and dual tweeters. Good value keyboard amp. Punchy sound. $595-

silvertone ba-xs-amp

Silvertone BA-XS Amp. Compact practise amp with heaphone output. $85-

essex ga-1065-amp

Essex GA-10 Amp. Small practise amp with switcable drive. Headphone output. $75-

auswin g30-amp

Austin G-30 Amp. Punchy little practise amp with switchable drive. Headphone output. $125-

fender deluxe-reverb-amp

Fender 30 USA 1980. Valve combo with 2 x 10 inch Jensen speakers. 30 watts. Rare model in good condition. $1,750-

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