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Acoustic Guitars - Steel String


Aria MM10 Gypsy Jazz Guitar. Aria copy of a Maccaferri Gypsy Jazz guitar. In good condition. With hard case. $650-

silvertone 633-avs

Cort AD10 OP. Acoustic Dreadnaught. With Cort pickup. With gig bag. $250-

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Sigma TM12 Travel Guitar. Small body acoustic, compact size great for travelling. With gig bag. NEW $475- 

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Sigma SE 12. Great 12 string acoustic with pickup and tuner. These models play really well with great action and excellent necks. Good value. NEW $495-

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Yamaha FG 820 Left Hand Acoustic. Lefty acoustic in excellent condition. With gig bag. $395-

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Redding RGC51CE. Smaller body acoustic guitar with pickup and tuner. Very popular guitar for learners. Well made and very playable. Great value. NEW $225-

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Redding  RED50CE. Dreadnaught cutaway with pickup and tuner. Popular for learners. These are great budget guitars. NEW $225- 

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Redding RED50CT. Tobacco Sunburst finish. Acoustic cutaway with pickup and tuner. One of our more popular acoustics for a first guitar. Bargain. NEW $225-

overhead traveller

Overhead OF420B Traveller Guitar. Unique guitar folds down into a factory carry case. The neck is removable without taking off the strings. Awesome design. $790-

oakridge 100sd-220-tsb

Oakridge 100SD220TSB Acoustic. Vintage Sunburst finish. Budget acoustic guitar. Plays very well. $225- 

monterey ma15-tn

Monterey MA STN. Small body guitar. Good learner guitar. Bargain. $100-

greg bennett-d5-ce

Greg Bennett D5CE. Acoustic Dreadnaught cutaway guitar with pickup.$295-

greg bennett-d2-12

Greg Bennett D2-12. Acoustic 12 string guitar. Well setup with low action. With gig bag. $350-

gilman gom10ce

Gilmore GOM10CE. Acoustic guitar with Fishman pickup and tuner. Very well made and great value for money. NEW $445-

gilman ga12ce

Gilmore GA12CE. Grand Auditorium. Acoustic guitar with Fishman pickup and tuner. Very well made. These Fishman pickups sound great. NEW $445-

gilman g10ce

Gilmore GD10CE. Acoustic guitar with Fishman pickup and tuner. Very well made. These models play great. NEW $445-

fender resonator

Fender Resonator Guitar. Korean. Acoustic resonator with F holes. Affordable guitar for blues resonator sound. With hard case. $550-

farida d8-na

Farida D8 NA. Budget acoustic guitar. Great for learner. With gig bag. $240-

eastman e1o-ss

Bluesman MD54. Acoustic Dreadnaught. Budget model. Sounds great. With gig bag. $195-

crafter ht24-nt

Crafter HT24 NT. Acoustic guitar in good condition. With gig bag. $295-

cort little-cj

Cort Little CJ Traveller Blackwood. With quality Fishman pickup and tuner. Compact body, easy to play. With gig bag. NEW $645-

cort earth-60

Cort Earth 60 NS. Acoustic Dreadnaught guitar. Solidtop in good condition. With gig bag. $260-

cort ad-810ns

Cort AD810 NS. Acoustic Dreadnaught guitar. Good player. With gig bag. $230- 

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